Medical Marijuana & ADHD

Image of hand writing ADHD on Medical Marijuana & ADHD page see effect viagra pde5 usos terapeuticos del sildenafil see url follow follow url review monster resume writing service free oedipus rex essays dual state thesis cialis acquisto on line go follow url homework help for grade x see cialis e infarto go to site america caribbean essay latina resistance woman writing self analysis essay examples safe drink while taking viagra age of reason essays grade 8 english exam papers south africa levitra house euston square moi university thesis writing guidelines Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, as well as the closely related Attention Deficit Disorder, is one of the most widespread mental health disorders, affecting nine percent of children and upwards of five percent of the adult population worldwide. While the exact cause of the condition is an ongoing area of research, the general consensus is that the symptoms stem from a lack of dopamine in the regions of the brain responsible for complex thoughts, decision-making, and conscious control of social behaviors. This is what leads to the inattention, restlessness, and lack of impulse control that patient’s experience. The promise of medical marijuana & ADHD/ADD, when prescribed by a healthcare professional and closely monitored, is that it works in a fundamentally different manner than the usually prescribed stimulants Ritalin and Adderall. While these two block the breakdown of the small amounts of dopamine that the brain does produce, medical marijuana actually increases the production of dopamine itself. This means that many patients enjoy the positive effect of enhanced concentration, without many of the unwanted side effects of amphetamine-based stimulants.