Medical Marijuana & Insomnia

A large fraction of the adult population has insomnia in some form, and one in ten have chronic insomnia. It is broadly understood that recreational marijuana induces feelings of relaxation and assists with falling asleep, and it promised to be another way to treat insomnia. A 2008 study shows that moderate doses of THC facilitates falling asleep, increases the amount of Stage 4 "deep sleep" one experiences, and has little to no residual effects after one wakes up the next morning. Another variable is the way in which one takes the medical marijuana, which in turn effects how long its effects are felt. Inhaling its components has an effect for three to four hours, while ingestion lasts about twice as long. A qualified physician can help the patient identify the medicine that works best when others have failed, whether it be to help one fall asleep (inhalation of medical marijuana) or to stay asleep (ingestion of medical cannabis at bed time).

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