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Do you have one of the listed QUALIFYING CONDITIONS or a similar condition? If so, please call and schedule an online appointment with one of our Compassionate Use Certified Physicians.


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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The Florida Marijuana Program

• Individuals suffering from the following medical conditions are eligible to receive medical cannabis within the state of Florida

• To begin the process, a patient must have an in-person visit with a Florida-licensed physician who is certified in compassionate use. In order to provide
certifications to patients, a doctor must have an active, unrestricted medical license and must complete a course issued by the Florida Medical Association.

• Once the physician has examined the patient, he or she can qualify (or "certify") them to be able to purchase medical marijuana. After a patient is certified by a physician they must complete a medical
marijuana ID card application with the Department of Health. When the
Department approves the patient's ID card application, the patient is legally then able to visit any of the state's dispensaries or call a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center to arrange for delivery.

• The law requires patients to be re-certified each 210 days, and the physician can certify up to a 70-day supply of cannabis at a time at a maximum daily dose that is yet to be determined by the Department of Health

Medical Benefits

Relives Anxiety and Improves Mood

Relieves Chronic and Acute Pain

Alleviates Skin Irritation and Itching

Reduces Nausea and Vomiting

Improves Sleep and Relaxation

Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammation

Consultation The Florida Marijuana Program

In Florida, many residents have already qualified for Medical Marijuana use to treat certain diagnosable health issues such as Chronic pain and PTSD, and it has been determined that effectiveness is substantial. Easily schedule an online consultation today with one of our Doctors to evaluate your medical records, and determine if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana card. Our Doctors are ready to assess and make recommendations to help you become certified for Medical Marijuana treatment and help you get the relief you need!

To find out if you have been diagnosed with an eligible condition that falls under the state requirement in Florida, you will need to obtain an approved authorization from one of our doctors. Call us today or click on the Learn More button below to get more information!

Patient Experiences

I was helped by Raquel and she was phenomenal. I had her direct phone number and email and was able to text whenever I had any questions regarding the payment or the approval process. I couldn't pay right away but she was kind enough to be patient and got back to me in two weeks when I was ready. The staff is friendly, the process simple, you will not regret getting approved by Express!

- Carlos

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