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Medical Marijuana Key West – Express Marijuana Card to Open New Location in Key West, Florida
Providing improved quality of life for people devoid of lab-produced pharmaceuticals and informing them how to correctly infuse cannabis into their treatments remains number-one priority.

Key West, FL – October 3, 2019 Express Marijuana Card (, a Florida-based organization comprised of experts certified in the practice of recommendations for medical marijuana and in making the obtainment of a state ID card easy and straightforward, announced plans to open a new location in Key West, the goal continuing to be providing improved quality of life for people devoid of lab-produced pharmaceuticals and informing them how to correctly infuse cannabis into their treatments.

“We understand the pain management relief and medical benefits associated with cannabis, and as such we’re here to help customers, every step of the way, get their Florida marijuana card,” says Express Marijuana’s Raymond Lopez. “This encompassing service will now be available to residents of the Key West area of the Sunshine State, furthering our commitment to ensuring everyone experiences the best improvement with regard to quality of life.

“Indeed, to say that our goal is to make the experience of obtaining a recommendation for medical marijuana as smooth as possible is something of a gross understatement; this is the approach to medical marijuana Key West has been waiting for.”

Boasting nearly 40 years of combined experience as physicians, the Express Marijuana team keeps abreast of the most current developments and legislation pertaining to Florida’s Amendment Number Two so customers can rest assured knowing their use of prescription cannabis is uninterrupted, protected and safe. What’s more, the team’s process regarding the best possible care encompasses educating the public on how to properly introduce cannabis to their plans for treatment, regularly explaining how, through proper education and training, a better understanding of the positive uses of cannabis therapy can be realized – while simultaneously dispelling a great deal of the unfortunate stereotypes associated with marijuana-for-medicinal-purposes use.

“For nearly 4,000 years, marijuana as we know it has been utilized in medicine settings, yet it wasn’t until the post-Prohibition 1940s era that influential business entities lobbied the U.S. Congress, quite successfully, to re-classify all derivatives of cannabis as a highly-controlled substance,” adds Lopez. “From the time California first legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 1996, the legislative tide has crashed back towards greenlighting clinical use, supported by documented research that, over the past two decades, has revealed this natural substance to exude the capability of easing the pain and suffering related to chronic illnesses.”

Express evaluations start at $95 and include a Florida marijuana card evaluation by a state-certified physician, physical exam and 24/7 physician hotline, with an all-inclusive package available for $295 that adds all follow-ups and ordering for seven months plus a discounted renewal fee.

According to Express representatives, individuals suffering from a plethora of medical conditions are eligible to receive medical cannabis in the state of Florida, a process that begins with a patient having an in-person visit with a Florida-licensed physician who is certified in “compassionate use.” A doctor must boast an unrestricted, active medical license in order to provide certifications to clients, and are required to finish a curriculum mandated by the Florida Medical Association.

Once a patient has been examined by a physician, that individual can purchase medicinal marijuana; following physician certification, the individual must fill out an application to obtain an ID card for medical marijuana with the Department of Health.

“Put succinctly, when it comes to medical marijuana Key West, no one is more reliable than Express,” concludes Lopez.

In North Miami, Express Marijuana Card is located at 1801 NE 123rd Street Suite 314 and can be reached by calling (877) 933-3362. For more information visit

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