Marijuana Dispensaries Remain as Essential Businesses

In many places, marijuana has been considered as an essential business, including Florida. As Florida municipalities and counties have started to close nonessential businesses to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, they have exempted what are deemed “essential” businesses like healthcare providers, gas stations, banks and news outlets. But what about medical marijuana treatment centers? According to Florida statute, marijuana dispensaries are considered an essential service and are to be treated like retail pharmacies. In most cases, the marijuana businesses must, like restaurants, limit themselves to taking orders for delivery or curbside pickup because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Relying on Delivery

Many of the dispensaries use delivery services to get medication to patients, as well as offering drive-through windows or online ordering and pickup at the stores. Due to state and local guidelines for social distancing, marijuana dispensaries have been forced to pivot and adapt to societal changes that have been brought about by the coronavirus. While many Americans are quarantined and businesses are closing or establishing work-from-home tactics to protect the population against COVID-19, marijuana has been playing a surprising role in the crisis.

Marijuana as Essential During Quarantine

Cannabis went a long way from being the average teenager’s activity of choice after school; marijuana has now wormed its way into the consciousness of a large majority of the population. There is no better time to experiment with weed than during confinement, as evidenced by customers crowding legal marijuana stores in anticipation of national lockdown. Alongside toilet paper, beans, rice and other non-perishable goods, Americans have been stockpiling marijuana to make the coming weeks more bearable. For some individuals, their medical marijuana plan cannot go without interruption. People who use medical marijuana for anxiety and pain relief for example, need access to marijuana products just in case their prescriptions run out. This is where “essential business” earns its name. Marijuana dispensaries are considered retail pharmacies that provide prescriptions to patients, it is by this reason, marijuana dispensaries continue to serve its current patients and are open to receiving new customers.

Good Practices for Marijuana Users

Due to the very nature of recreational marijuana, consuming it is often a group activity. If you choose to partake in it even during the pandemic, you should follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and avoid large gatherings. Additionally, the traditional “Puff, puff, pass” method of sharing a joint, which consists in taking a few hits before handing the cigarette to the next person, means direct contact with someone else’s saliva; avoid it entirely if possible, or consider using personal cigarette holders to keep safe. In general, smoking marijuana might not be the brightest idea if you suspect you are infected with coronavirus yourself, if possible, cannabis users should favor tinctures and other edible products to achieve their high, as ingested marijuana products do not affect the lungs.

Helping with Anxiety and Stress Levels

Americans suddenly find themselves with plenty of time on their hands, thanks to the coronavirus. Due to social distancing practices to limit further outbreak, many have found themselves locked in their home with only roommates or family around. This has caused some to dive deeper into their hobbies or start a creative project they’ve been putting off. During this time, you might find yourself exploring movies, food dishes, and other activities you normally wouldn’t otherwise. Like, for example, smoking marijuana. Your reasons for trying cannabis could vary. Maybe you want to manage anxiety and stress levels currently. Perhaps, you’d like to tune out media coverage. Or you’re just bored, which is reason enough. Marijuana has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Considering the state of the world, people find these as desirable effects. Individuals who seek to purchase a marijuana product, they can do so online with proof of a medical marijuana identification card.

Can you smoke during the Pandemic?

Some experts have recommended avoiding vaping or smoking since coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. COVID-19 causes shortness of breath and coughing in patients. Therefore, smoking or vaping could make you more vulnerable. If you decide to vape or smoke, make sure you clean your goods and always use only yours. In the meantime, dispensaries may still be serving the public, but it is better safe than sorry, since COVID-19 attacks the lungs, it is best to consume marijuana products by means of edibles.

Good News for Marijuana Users

Stumped on how you could get your cannabis amid the coronavirus pandemic? While food chains are still up with their delivery services and groceries are still operational, cannabis retailers and dispensaries, on the other hand, are left with vague ideas on how they’re going to extend their products into their waiting customers. If you’re one among the many cannabis users, whether for medical or recreational purposes, you’re probably wondering how you could avail your needed marijuana products amid the ongoing global health crisis. Fortunately, while the imposed quarantine across different regions of the world, indeed, limits your access to the drug, the good news is that there remain to be a few effective ways that will help you get your hands on your favorite marijuana and CBD-infused products without leaving the comfort of your home. Considering the imposed quarantine in different parts of the world, it is only natural for many people to rely on online delivery services to get their hands on the things they need, even cannabis. There are currently two ways to obtain your marijuana products, that is via online delivery and curbside pickup. Depending on which route you want to take, there are important things to keep in mind before purchasing.

Tips for buying Marijuana Online

  • Research about the online shop before purchasing anything. Make sure that they are operating as registered legal retailers.
  • Know the quality metrics of the products you are eyeing. Look for the information about the potency and quality of the products being sold.
  • If you’re buying cannabis for medical purposes, make sure to see if the product bears a mark of approval from a regulatory authority. Browse through the web to see if the item is legit.
  • Check the store’s customer support. Do they offer a delivery tracker? Is their line available 24/7?
  • Compare the prices. Go through their product catalog and compare it with the other stores’. Which presents the more favorable prices? If there is a large disparity in cost, double-check the source of the product and the background of the store.
  • Check what modes of payment the store accepts. If there are reviews available online, check for possible comments from previous customers and decide whether you should push through your transaction or look for another store instead.

If you considering buying marijuana online, instead of going to a dispensary, keeping these important points in mind will help you make the best-informed decision.

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