Still Hustling: Hemp Profits over Patients

The hemp oils market got its start a decade ago, with the winds of change blowing towards a relaxing of the regulatory environment around cannabis. A huge player in this new scene, Medical Marijuana Inc., actually began as Berkshire Collection, a shell company recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as part of the…

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What the Hell is Happening in Utah?

A couple of weeks ago, the proponents of the controversial Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative jumped their first major hurdle, by certifying the required number of signatures for the state to vote on the issue. It was a surprise to no one, that relaxing the laws against any use of marijuana is difficult in such a…

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Courts, Cannabis, and the Constitution (of Florida)

The state's courts are wrestling with the interpretation of the amendment behind the Compassionate Use program

The last two weeks have seen a lot of court action that will affect the state’s medical marijuana program for the foreseeable future. Both cases come out of the Second Circuit Court, and both involve expanded interpretations of the constitutional amendment that legalized cannabis for medical purposes. In the main court dispute, the plaintiffs are…

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